Air pollution factors & effects on human health

Air pollution factors & effects on human health

Pollution is quite a common term right now. We hear about various pollution forms in newspapers and magazines all the time. Air pollution is one such form of pollution that involves air contamination. It occurs when smoke, dust or any harmful gases enters into the atmosphere, making it real tough for humans, animals and plants to survive.

Air pollution is of two types, namely: visible, and invisible.

Kinds of Pollutants

To get an idea of air pollution causes, a number of categories can be made. Primary sources or secondary sources can cause primary air pollutants. The best example in this regard is sulphur-dioxide coming out from factories.

Reactions of primary pollutants lead to secondary pollutants. Smog created by a number of primary pollutants interactions is termed as a secondary pollutant.


Burning of Fossil Fuels

Sulphur dioxide coming out from the fossil fuels combustion such as petroleum, coal and other factory combustibles is one the main reason responsible for air pollution.

Cars, trucks, aeroplanes and trains cause huge air pollution. But we bank on these transport mediums to fulfil our daily routines.

Agricultural activities

From agriculture, related routines, ammonia is quite a common by-product. If experts are to be believed, ammonia is one of the most dangerous gases that are present in the atmosphere. With the usage of insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers increasing in agriculture, harmful chemicals are being emitted into the air.

Exhaust from industries and factories

According to the latest study, manufacturing industries release a huge amount of organic compounds, carbon monoxide, chemicals and hydrocarbons into the air thereby depleting its quality.

And then there are petroleum refineries that release harmful hydrocarbons that cause air and land pollution.

Mining operations

Talking about mining, it is a process from which minerals are extracted with the help of big equipment. During mining, chemicals and dust are released into the air giving rise to air pollution. Health conditions of workers involved in mining and people living nearby are always a concern.

Indoor air pollution

Household cleaning products often release toxic chemicals and cause air pollution. You must have noticed in the past that when you paint your house, it creates a smell, making it tough for you to breathe.


Respiratory and heart-related issues

Air pollution effects are pretty alarming. They give rise to a number of respiratory and heart conditions in addition to Cancer. Millions of people have died because of Air pollution direct and indirect effects. Children are more susceptible to air pollutants.

Global warming

Another significant impact of air pollution is the Global warming, witnessed all around the globe. There are already signs of disaster if no immediate action is taken soon.

Acid Rain

Dangerous gases such as sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides are making its presence felt in the atmosphere at the time of fossil fuels burning. When it rains, the water droplets in line with these pollutants become acidic, and therefore, the term acid rain when it falls on the ground. It can be harmful to crops, humans, and animals.

Impact on Wildlife

Similar to humans, negative impacts of air pollution are being felt by animals too. Toxic air chemicals force animals to modify their habitat.


Use public mode of transportation

To reduce air pollution, we need to encourage people to use public modes of transportation. Carpooling can also be beneficial. If you and your staff member live in the same area and have same reporting time, carpooling can save both money and energy.

Conserve energy

When you are out of your house, switch off lights and fans. A huge chunk of fossil fuels is burnt when it comes to producing electricity. You can save degradation of the environment by minimizing the fossil fuels amount to be burned.

Understand the thinking behind “recycle, reduce, and reuse

Throwing away unnecessary items is not a clever thinking. Instead, it is advisable that you reuse these items for some other work.

Clean energy resources

Clean energy resources such as solar, geothermal and wind are being used quite a bit at present. The Governments all around the world are offering aids to consumers that are installing solar panels in their house. This can reduce air pollution.


To reduce air pollution, we need to take the initiative on our own; otherwise, it can reach a dangerous situation.