Bad effects of drinking alcohol

Bad effects of drinking alcohol

Rapid urbanization has affected our lifestyles, in many ways. People have adapted themselves to the fast and even faster ways of life. Touches of urbanization in our lives have led to the development of some habits, which is taking a toll on our health, these days. As people are consumed in their faster way of living, they are giving into habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. There are numerous reasons behind people developing this addiction, at times frustration serves the cause and at times, it is the peer pressure due to which many people, start consuming alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is a very common scene, which we come across in today’s society. Be it social gatherings, or office parties or wedding parties, nowadays drinking has climbed to be an almost inevitable event in all. We should always keep a check on such habits which affects our health.

Drinking Alcohol can be fatal at times

Alcohol consumption over a longer period of time, and even consumption of alcohol in significantly large amounts, at a time, can cause serious damage to our organs. Alcohol consumption slows down the functioning of the brain. It increases heartbeat rate and high blood pressure levels. It can lead to heart attacks as well. Alcohol consumption damages the liver, significantly.

Some diseases, caused by prolonged consumption of alcohol are listed below:


Consumption of alcohol in large amounts at a single time, or prolonged consumption of alcohol, affects the cardiac muscles. As alcohol consumption leads to higher heartbeat rate, so, in turn, the cardiac muscles are stretched. This results in Cardiomyopathy.

Alcohol consumption in large amounts can also lead to an irregular beating of heart. If not curbed at the proper time, this addiction can cause Arrhythmias.


Alcohol consumption takes a heavier toll on our liver. The liver helps in breaking alcohol into simpler components. Alcohol is broken down into carbon dioxide and water, by the enzymes, in liver. If we consume alcohol in such amounts, that our liver fails to deal with, there can be permanent damage to the liver.

Consumption of alcohol in large amount can cause liver inflammation, that is, hepatitis, which has the potential to cause failure of liver. Initially, hepatitis increases the bilirubin content in blood.  If it is not likely to be cured, that is, hepatitis persists, it can lead to cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis of the liver is one such disease, which can be fatal at times. When more amount of alcohol is consumed than the liver can process at a time, the liver cells are damaged. Healthy tissues of our liver die and scar tissues replace them. This damage caused to the liveris irreversible. Apart from hindering normal liver functions, Cirrhosis can also causes backward pressure, in the vessels through which blood flows to the liver.

Another effect of alcohol consumption, is wrinkled skin, as alcohol expands or stretches the blood vessels, and also, dehydrates the body, wrinkles occur faster than age can cause.

Like, too much of anything turns out to be bad, less consumption of few things can be goo as well. Beer and wine, if consumed in very controlled amounts, then the content of high-density lipoprotein, cholesterol which immunes us from cardiovascular diseases, is increased in the blood.