Smoking slow poison or stress-buster for us

Smoking slow poison or stress-buster for us

Smoking invariably causes permanent damage to our body. Once inhaled, within few seconds’ nicotine reaches the brain. Smoking affects many organs of our body, lungs being the most affected one. Complications arise in pregnancy, as an impact of smoking. Knowing the most dangerous consequences of smoking, still more number of people are getting into this addiction, every day.

So, called “stress-busters”

Smoking is a conscious habit among various age groups. People give in to this habit, due to many reasons. At times, it’s the workload, at times it’s the mental depression, or at times it’s the transition of the teenagers from teens to early twenties. In a way, most of the smokers consider smoking a stress-buster.

There’s a scientific root to this as well. Some neurotransmitters in our central nervous system become highly active under the influence of nicotine. Our brain also functions more actively under the influence of this drug. This drug also causes the release of adrenaline in the bloodstream, and this, in turn, leads to high glucose levels in the blood.

Higher blood pressure and higher heartbeat rate are also consequences of smoking. Nowadays, diabetes is detected in the younger lot as well; smoking can serve as a primary cause for this. Smoking, if practiced over a prolonged period reduces blood vessels’ elasticity and can lead to heart attacks.

Easily fatigued smokers

Smoking affects the lungs, primarily. The tar which is inhaled with each drag of a cigarette causes us to age faster than the years. The tar gets deposited in the lungs and thus the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is affected. This leaves the smokers fatigued even with a round of jogging.

Our body’s own air-filter is ruined

With each drag of a cigarette, along with the windpipe, the tissues surrounding it are affected heavily. The chemicals that are inhaled, slowly burn these tissues. Over time, these take the form of scar tissue. Smokers are more prone to lung infection as with each drag of the cigarette they also burn little hairs around the windpipe.  Smoking also causes various cancers, throat and lung cancers being the most common ones.

Smoking causes genetic damage

Genetic damage of the throat organs and mouth is another dangerous effect of smoking. The toxins flow to all other organs through blood. So, all the other organs, stomach, pancreas, urinary bladder become vulnerable to cancerous cells.

COPD another dangerous effect of smoking

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease is a result of smoking over prolonged period. People suffering from this disease face high difficulty in breathing. This is an effect of chronic bronchitis along with emphysema. The damage to the lungs cannot be reversed and so COPD tends to worsen over time unless proper measures are taken.

People are sunk into this addiction due to various mental needs.At a certain point of time, smokers are aware of all the damage their beloved drags of smoke have done to their bodies, but still, they cannot overcome their addiction. Before you reach to such a point, stop yourself, as it goes ‘Only you can change yourself!’